Buying Process

*Meet and greet

When embarking on this journey, it is crucial for me to understand exactly what you are most excited about, what you MUST have and what your main objectives are in your new home.  We can do this over coffee, wine or the phone!

*Line up your money man (or woman)!

Before you even begin to look for homes, the smartest buyers take a few days to obtain a pre-qualification OR better yet, a full pre-approval!  Doing this up front, allows you to focus on your price range and be realistic and it enables you to be ready to go when you see the home that you fall in love with…essentially,  making you as appealing as a “cash offer” to the Seller.

Searchy Searchy!

Once I get to know your vision, I will set up an automated search that will email you with any new properties that match your criteria within 5 minutes!  This keeps you on top of an ever-changing and very competitive market!  You simply let me know which properties you want to see, as you get them and we GO LOOKIN’!

*Offer time!

When you find that home you love, it is time to write an offer to purchase to present to the Seller!  The offer will include deadlines, price, terms and any other negotiations up front!  I will consult you every step of the way!  My objective is to get you the house you want, at the terms you want!

*Deadlines and such

Once you are under contract we start down the path of deadlines that allow us to ultimately sit down at the closing table!  With my help, we will navigate inspection, appraisal and loan deadlines, along with a slew of others to ensure a successful closing!


Deadline overview:

Earnest money – deposit deadline

Inspection – Let’s make sure it isn’t going to fall down, shall we?

HOA Docs – can you live with the rules?

Due Diligence – a great time to investigate things a little closer

Sellers Disclosures – Lets hear direct from the seller, lots of extra details you want to know about your new home!

Appraisal – Let the bank work for you to determine if the property is worth what you are paying for it!

Loan approval – Get the all clear on your loan!

Walk thru – A great time to see it one.more.time and get excited about your closing!

Closing day – an hour to two hour process of signing paper after paper, but in the end THE HOUSE IS YOURS!


Want an estimate of monthly payments?  

Here is a fun tool to help!

Mortgage Calc

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