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I always say, I love my little A-town!  I’m an Arvada native and I am so proud to call this beautiful place my home!  I love living in Arvada; the trails, the schools, the communities, the shopping, the dining and entertainment…how could you NOT love it?  And yet, it isn’t new and flashy…it is a community of mixed real estate, new and old, modern and vintage, a melting pot of lifestyles, 30 mins to boulder and Denver, easy access to highways and increasing infrastructure.  Need I go on? 

I have loved raising my kids here, I love supporting my community and doing my part to increase sales prices and real estate values in the city I love. 

Below you will find information on a highlighted area or business throughout Arvada. In the featured section you will find my favorite spot of the month where I spotlight an area or business around town and share them with you.  I look forward to continued relationship between my beloved community and myself and sharing my love of it, with you! 

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