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Selling Your Home?  Here are the top 5 questions I’m asked about selling your home.


Q:  How should I price my home?

A:  Price is King.  In today’s market, even if you are $10K over, you can increase your market time drastically and create an issue that could have easily been avoided!  I have a marketing plan that has worked flawlessly for the past 10 years that helps Sellers adjust their price to meet their timeline goals!  Price and timing go hand in hand!

Q:  Does having professional photos really matter?

A:   Professional photos and/or staging a home can help it sell 4 times faster AND for more money!  You don’t pay for these things, but I do to help ensure my clients are getting the BEST value possible!  Real Estate is one of the best investments you will ever make, we need to do everything we can to make it work for you! 

Q:   Would I qualify for capital gains?

A:  Capital gains isn’t as common as people think!  A misnomer, I often hear is that there will be a tax penalty if you sell…We can talk about the numbers, but in most cases you would have to NET over $250K to be eligible for that! 

Q:  Do I really need a Realtor? They don’t do much anyway, do they?

A:  Most agents are LAZY and NOT all agents are created equal.  Sorry, its true.

Q:  Is online marketing really that important?

A:  Marketing has changed DRASTICALLY in the past ten years alone!  Online marketing is where.its.at.  Did you know that 94% of ALL sales come from the MLS or some form of online real estate search forum?  Make sure you are getting the exposure you need to sell! 


Buying Your Home?  Here are the top 5 questions I’m asked about buying.


Q: Do I need an inspection?

A:  Did you know EVERY contract IS contingent on your right to do an Inspection?  The “passing or failing” of the Inspection, is ultimately up to you, the Buyer!

Q: Do I really need to work with a Realtor?

A:  Did you know there are loans out there that can PREVENT you from buying certain properties?  Working with a knowledgeable agent who can determine pit falls up front can save you a lot of time and heartache!

Q: What if I need to cancel a contract?

A: What if need to cancel a contract?  Did you know as a Buyer, you have SEVERAL outs of a contract where you can still be awarded your full earnest money back?  If the property doesn’t inspect well, if it won’t appraise at value or if you loan can not be approved, you are OUT as long as you do it within your window of opportunity, however there are more, less-commons ways to terminate a contract, if need be.

Q:  How long does it take to find and buy a house?

A:  The length of the real estate process can vary greatly and is dependent on several factors:  your dedication, who you have working for you and the market are among the top three!  For an up-to-date assessment of the market and what a realistic expectation of time could be for you, call me!

Q:  Should we just buy any home for now?

A:  Did you know the average person moves every 5-8 years!  Chances are, this won’t be your last house BUT it should still be the RIGHT house!