Home Selling Process

Step 1 – Initial informational chat

Often times our first conversation is over the phone where I can get some very important details about your home and what you owe on it.  By answering a few questions, I can gain access to the information needed to “talk numbers” at our first meeting.

Step 2 – Meet and greet!

SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Let me show you what selling means for you.  You can determine if it makes sense and if the time is right, but we will discuss the process, the fees, the proceeds, and go over my mega marketing plan to get you top dollar!

Step 3 – Docs and paperwork

This can happen at the same time as the meet and greet or later, we review and sign our contract as we enter into an agreement to sell your home.

Step 4 – Professional photos and marketing sesh

Let me bring in the big guns and help get you that TOP dollar I talk about!  Professional photography (but not wide lense…don’t EVEN get me started) help me maximize your value and show off your homes’ assets to potential buyers!

Step 5 – List it!

We go live, on all the sites, MLS, flyers, signs, open houses, marketing campaigns and more!

Step 6 – Showings and offers!

Let the showings begin!  You open up your home to licensed agents and their clients and I work to get you maximum exposure!  The more buyers in, the better offers we get!

Step 7 – Offer time!

We select a time to review your offer(s) and select the one that fits your needs best (OR negotiate so that it will).

Step 8 – Deadlines and details

We work together, as a team, and conquer each deadline as we go…communication is key and so are moving boxes!

Step 9 – Closing day!

You sign and celebrate, its really that easy!

Ready To Sell